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Over the years we have explored the globe giving us insights for great destinations to share with family, friends, and friends of friends. 

Hidden Gems


With almost three decades of travelling, creating feature stories around the world, Adventure4ever has a huge stash of travel ideas to share with you. From mountain tops to seaside, the wild west to tropical paradise, in the air, on land and deep beneath the seas, we can recommend countless options to help make your next travel adventures not only sustainable but ones you will never stop talking about.

Whether it’s exploring the wonders of South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe or Lesotho, on to Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, across North America to Russia, Siberia, Kyrgyzstan and beyond, it’s likely we’ve been in the neighbourhood.

Today, Adventure4ever is putting those years of experience travelling to a cause we feel of the greatest importance; building greater awareness in how tourism & travel remains a major contributor to todays environmental crisis and how, together, we can all make a difference by adapting the way we travel, plus what we ourselves can gain in knowledge of others living sustainably at the same time give back to the communities we visit. Check out our project page to learn more about our new initiatives.

Though we are not a travel agent nor intend to become one, we always share our experiences and contacts to hopefully guide you to the people, places and local operators that have made our travels and feature stories not only unique but truly special and to those communities that are bringing honest and innovative ways to bring back out environment as well as keep your journey an experience of a lifetime. 

Sailing the Turkish Mediterranean

A journey along the western Turkish Mediterranean coastline, in a traditional wooden Gulet sailing vessel, is a true delight! Soaring mountains drop directly down into the sea where scuba diving, paragliding, sea kayaking, canyoning, exploring tiny coastal villages and ancient ruins are all a part of the ride.


Explore nature, naturally!


Treetop living over the jungles of South India

Culturally explosive and imaginative journeys to India’s south west regions of Kerala and Karnataka where experiencing the dedication to biodiversity on tea and coffee plantations, sleeping in a jungle tree house, hiking and experiencing India’s traditional culture and traditional Ayurvedic health practices brings your spirit alive simply by the peaceful and welcoming nature of the people and natural wonders.

Rafting the Mighty Zambezi River Africa

For adventure lovers, rafting down the mighty Zambezi River, one of the most spectacular white-water rivers in the world, will surely satisfy any adrenaline itch. You can hear the echoing sounds of the crashing waves along the 120-meter-high gorge walls. Be prepared to get wet and learn quickly as there is no need to be an expert rafter. A day or two on the Zambezi brings you to the magic of Victoria Falls, where you can discover further activities such as gorge swinging, bungee jumping, and camping, knowing that you are participating in activities that appreciate nature, rather than harm. 


A two-week tall ship adventure, exploring Northern Ireland from Belfast in the east to Galway in the west. But we don’t just sail! Enroute we include sea kayaking, cliff jumping, hiking, whiskey tasting and of course, typical to the Irish, a good pub crawl with traditional music & dance wherever you go. Learning traditional

Exploring Northern Ireland from
Tall Ship Thalassa

If you are looking for help in realising your travel dreams, finding those special places that are truly practicing a sustainable lifestyle, perhaps we can help you out. For more suggestions visit our gallery or drop us a line with your questions and queries.
We’ll be sure to get back to you.

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