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Founded in spirit in 1999

Brought to life in early 2001

Redefining the Way We Travel

Beginning as a small business with a focus on the creation of full feature stories for international media it has grown immensely, not in size but in vision.


We are excited to announce Adventure4ever as a Foundation, bringing you exciting feature stories, documentary film & television documentary series focused on environmentally conscious travel for the future.

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Adventure4ever captures the lifestyle and visions of producer, writer, Jillian Macdonald who seeks the opportunity to experience new cultures, adventure and above all, become one with nature. She has travelled the world with award winning photographers and film makers, creating feature stories, documentary films and special projects. Her stories have been published and documented in National Geographic Traveller, AS Adventure Belgium, Outdoor Germany, Paddle World, Reizen (ANWB), Paddle Asia, National Geographic Australia, Northern Sky Entertainment to mention a few

‘From Studio to Office to the Wilds of the World’

I was a tenacious child, meaning stubborn. Still tenacious, though tempered. I dreamt of becoming a dancer. After frazzling my nerves and reaching abnormal heights of anxiety going through countless auditions, I eventually was leaping, twirling and singing myself across many a stage.

When the big lights dimmed, I leapt over the fence to the management side of the arts working with dance, theatre & music companies, showing me that a life in the performing arts, on either side, requires determination, strength and above all passion. The most challenging, yet amazing experience was as Company Manager on the road with the world-renowned company La La La Human Steps. The company delighted sold-out audiences around the world while I gained valuable skills in keeping a company happy, healthy, paid and on time. Brushing shoulders with celebs on the road was the norm especially when we joined David Bowie on portions of his ‘Sound & Vision’ tour. Feelin’ like rock stars we were!



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