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Board of Directors

Trisha Gain

Trisha is a management-side labour & employment lawyer based in Alberta at Canadian Pacific Kansas City Railway (CPKC). Trisha has spent her entire 21-year legal career practicing exclusively in the area of labour and employment law. She has worked as in-house labour & employment counsel since 2010 in both the oil & gas & construction sectors. Trisha also spent 9 years in private practice in Ottawa & Calgary. She is an avid sports fan, skier and animal-lover. When not working in the winter, she can be found skiing in the Rocky Mountains of both Alberta and British Columbia.

Saba A4E.jpeg

Saba Arat

Saba is a Turkish-born product manager in Berlin, specializing in music and practice hardware/software. In her art project, she merges technology with traditional weaving, crafting rugs that generate sound, video, and respond to touch. As a writer and musician, Saba is a passionate explorer with deep appreciation for archeology.


Quintus Pillai

Quintus Pillai is a humanitarian, and worked in various sales and marketing positions as Senior and Executive VP across the U.S. and Dubai. His global responsibilities in the telecommunications industry led him to win the Excellence Award from Motorola Europe. He increased sales globally by 300% for the German conglomerate, winning contracts in Israel and Japan. Quintus is also a mentor on behalf of the British Government for SMEs, helping coordinate prominent contracts for social businesses. He is lively, enthusiastic, & a positive thinker.

Daniel Querido.jpeg

Daniel Querido

Daniel was born & raised in Amsterdam. During the 1980s he started studying architecture & bought his first classic car. Working on old buildings as a restoration architect & on old cars became his two passions. Nowadays he also designs & builds tiny modern houses & enjoys sailing. He traveled a lot with his parents during summer holidays when he was younger & now travels for longer periods of time to other continents. He owns a home in Southern Italy & enjoys escaping the winter months to visit other parts of the world.

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