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Sustainable Forces of Tradition

Back 2 Basics

We believe that travel can be a transformative tool for travellers and communities, as well as for the conservation of our planet.

We Are Coming soon!

Stephanie Farrell


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Our Back to Basics Team will set out for a journey in convoy overland, crossing 17 European countries including Turkey and Georgia, travelling approximately 18,000 km. With the words  sustainable, tradition & basics forefront in their minds, they will take you off the beaten track, away from mass tourism to discover remote villages that have held true to their values and traditions, in order to maintain a self-sufficient way of life, a life in balance with nature.


The Team will meet with village elders, famrers, tradespeople and community members who have rejected industrialization, making a conscious decision to continue using traditional methods which hold true to their values in the protection of the environment. We will document on film the many choices, possible solutions & alternatives we have, plus the costs, rewards and sacrifices we must make in order to travel and live sustainably.

Adventure4ever is currently shifting gears, making a big move toward the realization of special media projects that are relevant and of current interest to not only a large audience, but a global one. The root from which our projects develop is focused on the environment, providing new ideas and alternatives for exciting responsible and environmentally conscious travel in the future.

Our Goal

Our task, through media, is to help our viewers and readers make the right choices when they travel: journeys that are authentic, with genuine experiences that enrich the lives of both those who wander and those who are visited. With this project we want to lead by example and make a meaningful effort in the preservation of our planet.


We believe in the change that tourism needs; the necessary step from consuming to contributing.

‘We’re a team of travel, adventure, and media experts travelling to unique sustainable communities where the forces of tradition have fought industrialisation and preserved the methods of the past.’



This project will challenge the Back to Basics team to make the most sustainable choices possible on their journey while they discover & learn the many ways in which we can all take new steps  toward practicing a more sustainable lifestyle.


The Project

This is an adventure, not of the natural elements, but of our choices and their impact.

Through this project, Adventure4ever will showcase ways in which future travel can remain exciting, enjoyable and fun, while at the same time providing an opportunity to learn and discover how our travel choices can and will make a difference in the future of travel & tourism, paving the way to a  healthier environment.

‘Why, Where and How we travel’

Originally planned for spring 2021 the pandemic quickly turned the ‘red’ light on travel, therefore this project. We didn’t sit back, rather we moved on, revising and redesigning Back to Basics to consider the effects the pandemic was having on people, places and the environment. Just as the world was beginning to open once again, a senseless war begins against the peaceful soverign country of Ukraine.

Again we must delay as many of our destinations are located in bordering countries on our route and economic downfall inevitable. 

However, we carry on, reflecting upon the past, assessing the current situation and adjusting toward the future. It is time now to ask the questions; why, where and how we travel with the environment our primary focus.

Where are we going?

Our journey will take us to more remote  locations where we can look back upon traditional methods and ways of life that support self-sustainable communities, taking from the land only that which is necessary and giving back that which allows it to thrive. We will also vist urban locations where pockets of communties have made the decision to own their own energy, create their own agriculture and become selfsustainable even within an urban centre.

How will we travel?

We have chosen overland travel. But what do we use for fuel? We have questioned electric, biodiesel, hydrogen & benzene. Which is the most viable, accessible, and what about carbon emission? With so many new developments, in fuel & alternate power sources today, we have decided to challenge them all with the hopes of finding the best solution for those of you embarking on a new adventure overland. We will test each source, along the same route and under similar circumstances, experiencing the pros and cons of each. But it’s not only fuel, we will bring you the facts and figures, the ways and means, challenges and solutions of how we, as a team, travel as sustainably as possible. 

Pasetta, Abruzzo Italy

‘You are most welcome in our village.
We only ask you to respect and love this land as much as we do.’


Jillian Macdonald

Founder - Producer - Writer 

John Horsfall.jpeg

John Horsfall

Podcast Presenter & Photographer


Tim Stollberg

Videographer & Photographer


Jeremy La Zelle

Producer - Cinematographer


Stephanie Farrell

Presenter - Writer - Photographer

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Emma Chandler

Graphic Designer & Social Media


Liu Bachelor

Creative Producer & Presenter


Poyraz Şaroğlu

Film Producer & Photographer

Meet the Team

Back to Basics
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