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'Travel In Tune With Our Planet'

Sustainable Forces of Tradition

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Making A Difference brings you new ideas and alternatives for exciting, adventurous and explorative travel experiences around the world. We seek the outdoors, the remote less frequented locations off the beaten track, away from mass tourism, where there is a story to be told, where you will find the beauty, the adventure and the mystery of our world’s great diversity.

As storytellers and filmmakers, we strive toward bringing people of all cultures and traditions together as one, while still holding their own unique identity and authenticity. We believe that through showcasing old and new ways, traditions and cultures from around the world, we can join together with a universal voice in healing our planet for the future.

Storytelling is a powerful tool to communicate your message. At Adventure4ever we use documentary film, feature stories, online messaging and  streaming to tell our stories, bringing you new ideas on how travel can be beneficial to both  the traveller and the places you visit. 

Who We Are is currently shifting gears, making a big move toward the realization of special media projects that are relevant and of current interest to not only a large audience, but a global one. The root from which our projects develop is focused on the environment, providing new ideas and alternatives for exciting responsible and environmentally conscious travel in the future.

We believe that travel can be a transformative tool for travellers and communities, as well as for the conservation of our planet.

Our task, through media, is to help our viewers and readers make the right choices when they travel: journeys that are authentic, with genuine experiences that enrich the lives of both those who wander and those who are visited. With this project we want to lead by example and make a meaningful effort in the preservation of our planet. We believe in the change that tourism needs; the necessary step from consuming to contributing.


"Adventure4ever is the real deal! I have had a lot of journalists contact and I've had a lot of journalists come along on my tours. They all promise a lot, but seldom deliver everything said. Frits and Jillian not only do what they say, they carry on long after the trip to help promote the tours they've been on. For us, they promised two major magazine articles. That was a few years ago. They're still producing articles about us and we've been featured in several major magazines. Also, I can't say enough about how nice they are... they came as journalists and left as life-long friends!"

Thanks for your support and enthusiasm, a rarity in this world. Frits your pictures are EXCEPTIONAL, Jillian your writing of high quality, your work ethics and determination to get a job well done are ADMIRABLE. Besides we have gotten to know you both as very pleasant persons to deal with (and very patient too). 
The kindness to help us out with our website was a very kind extra bonus. You will understand that we are already planning to do some more projects with you! We wish you very many great adventures and hope to be sharing some of them with you.

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